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Application process


Applications for academic year 2024/2025: applications for the admission to the graduate study in Chemical and Environmental Technology will be accepted from March 18 to May 20, 2024 for foreign citizens and from September 2 to September 23, 2024 for citizens of the Republic of Croatia and EU countries. Applications are submitted via the online form on the website of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology.


Incomplete applications, as well as applications received after the deadline, will not be considered. Enrollments will be held on September 30, 2024.


How to apply:
a) Download and fill up the admission form below
b) Prepare the following documents for upload by using the following naming scheme for your files:
1. Admission form           >  (Admission.name.surname.pdf)
2. Proof of citizenship   > (Citizen.name.surname.pdf)
3. Diploma                          > (Diploma.name.surname.pdf)
4. Diploma supplement > (Supplement.name.surname.pdf)
5. English certificate       > (Cert.name.surname.pdf)
6. Motivational letter     > (Letter.name.surname.pdf)
7. CV                                      > (CV.name.surname.pdf)
8. Confirmation of payment of €15 for the classification procedure (Payment.name.surname.pdf)


NOTE:  Requested documents have to be in a pdf file format, and must not exceed the file size limit of 5MB/per file.


Send all prepared documents using the "WeTransfer" service:  https://wetransfer.com/
to the following address: cetadm@fkit.hr

Admission form