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About Department

Dept. of Electrochemistry

Address: Savska cesta 16/I, HR-10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 4597 112
Head: Prof. Marijana Kraljić Roković, Ph.D.

Scientific activities:    

  • Electric and dielectric properties of thin solid films; Structural properties of the electrified solid/liquid phase boundary; Charge transfer processes; Electrochemistry of semiconductors; Photoelectrochemistry of thin solid films. (M. Metikoš-Huković)
  • Corrosion in the oil and gas production; Tribocorrosion; Corrosion in seawater; Stress corrosion cracking; Corrosion in concrete; Corrosion inhibitors; Coatings; Passivity; Mechanisms of localized corrosion. (M. Metikoš-Huković)
  • Fuel cells; Batteries; Electrocatalysis; Surface electrochemistry; Photoelectrochemistry; Mechanisms of charge transfer; Mechanisms of solid state reactions; Modelling in production of catalysts; Direct electrochemical oxidation of small organic molecules; Materials, modelling and optimization of lead-acid batteries (M. Metikoš-Huković)
  • Electrically conducting polymers; Reaction mechanism of synthesis; Optimization of conditions of polyaniline synthesis; Influence of the experimental conditions on the nucleation process, morphology of layer, conductivity and catalytic properties. (Z. Mandić, Lj. Duić)
  • Highly functionalized electroactive polymer composites in the design and construction of novel power sources with improved power and energy density properties. (Z. Mandić)
  • The synthesis of metal/ionic polymer and conducting polymer/ionic polymer composites and their applications (Z. Mandić)
  •  Electrochemical reactions of solution based and surface confined biologically active species, Electrochemical reactions of organic compounds (Z. Mandić)
  • Physico-chemical properties and structure-property relationship of drug molecules. (Z. Mandić)
  • Protection of metals from corrosion by organic additives (corrosion inhibitors); Pickling processes; Investigation of corrosion properties of modified metallic surfaces; Protection of bronze and bronze patina from corrosion in urban atmospheres. (E. Stupnišek-Lisac)
  • Electrolysis; Electrodeposition; Electrochemical engineering. (A. Meštrović-Markovinović)
  • Investigation of corrosion and corrosion inhibition mechanisms by electrochemical and molecular modelling techniques (more at official project site www.corrosion-project.info); (S. Martinez)
  • Efficiency of the corrosion protection systems; Modelling of the potential and current distribution in cathodic protection systems; Protective properties of organic and inorganic coatings; Corrosion inhibitor research; Corrosion resistance of metals and alloys – passivity; Corrosion risk assessment; (S. Martinez)
  • Determination of antioxidant activity by electrochemical and non-electrochemical methods (S. Martinez)

Department of Electrochemistry

    Full professor

    prof. dr. sc. Marijana Kraljić Roković

      Email     01 4597 112

    prof. dr. sc. Helena Otmačić Ćurković

      Email     01 4597 117


    Ines Bera, mag.appl.chem.


    dr. sc. Angela Kapitanović


    izv. prof. dr. sc. Jozefina Katić

      Email     01 45 97 114

    prof. dr. sc. Zoran Mandić

      Email     01 4597 164

    prof. dr. sc. Sanja Martinez

      Email     01 4597 116

    prof. dr. sc. Mirjana Metikoš-Huković

      Email     01 4597 140

    Grgur Mihalinec, mag.appl.chem.


    dr. sc. Dajana Mikić


    Gabrijela Radić, mag.appl.chem.


    Ivana Šoić, mag.appl.chem.


    Renata Zubak Vučković